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Have you ever experienced a plumbing issue that left you frustrated and stressed? In the past, diagnosing plumbing problems was a time-consuming and intrusive process that often required extensive digging and excavation. But, with the advancement of technology, plumbers now have a more efficient solution at their disposal: video camera inspection.

By using a waterproof video camera attached to a flexible rod or tube, plumbers can inspect the inside of pipes and sewers with ease. The camera sends clear images to an LCD screen, allowing plumbers to identify any issues such as leaks, cracks, or holes in a quick and accurate manner. Plus, with special lights attached to the camera, even dark areas can be illuminated for better visibility.

With video camera inspection, plumbers can come up with a proper plan to fix the issue, minimizing damage to your property and saving you time and money. So, next time you're facing a plumbing problem, why not let the experts use the latest technology to solve it?

So, what exactly is video camera inspection?

Video Camera Inspection (VCI) involves using a waterproof video camera attached to a flexible rod or tube to inspect the inside of pipes and sewers. The camera sends clear images to an LCD screen, allowing plumbers to identify any issues such as leaks, cracks, or holes with ease. In some cases, special lights can be attached to the camera to provide better visibility in dark areas.

By utilizing video camera inspection, plumbers can create a proper work plan to fix the issue with precision, minimizing damage to your property and saving you time and money. No more guessing or digging - video camera inspection provides a clear and concise solution to your plumbing problems. So, if you want to ensure your plumbing system is functioning properly, consider video camera inspection with a trusted and experienced plumber.

Do You Want To Save Time and Money on Your Plumbing Repairs? Discover the Benefits of Professional Video Camera Inspection!

Our professional video camera inspection service is the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to diagnose plumbing problems in your home or business. With this cutting-edge technology, our experts can easily identify any issues with your pipes and provide effective solutions. Here's what you can expect from our camera inspection services:

In-Depth Analysis of Drain Lines: Our high-tech cameras provide crystal-clear images of your plumbing system, giving us a full understanding of any damage or issues that need fixing.
Precise Location of Problem Areas: We can pinpoint the exact location of blockages or breaks, making repairs quick and efficient.
Safe for All Pipe Types: Our cameras are designed to be safe for all types of pipes, including plastic and metal, so you don't have to worry about any damage or corrosion.
Verification of Repairs: After we complete repairs, we'll run another camera inspection to ensure that your pipes are in like-new condition.

Don't waste time and money on ineffective DIY solutions or unprofessional plumbers. Choose our professional video camera inspection services and get the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Why Choose Cornwell Plumbing?

Are you tired of dealing with amateur plumbers who overcharge and underdeliver? When you choose Cornwell Plumbing, you can rest assured that you're working with the best in town. We have over 30 years of experience serving our Indiana community and we pride ourselves on honesty and professionalism.

Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable plumbers is equipped to handle any plumbing issue you may face, big or small. We understand the importance of providing high-quality services at reasonable prices, which is why we never try to sell you something you don't need. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Experience the benefits of choosing Cornwell Plumbing:

  • Trusted experience with over 30 years of serving Indiana
  • Unmatched honesty and professionalism
  • Affordable, high-quality plumbing services
  • Skilled and knowledgeable plumbers
  • Prompt and efficient response to any plumbing emergency

Don't settle for less. Choose the best in town and call Cornwell Plumbing at (317)-892-4044 today.

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Keenan WilsonKeenan Wilson
23:37 18 Mar 24
Very prompt service and great pricing. I don’t trust my plumbing needs to anyone else. Highly recommended!
Bryce HuckstepBryce Huckstep
19:30 09 Mar 24
Prompt courteous service professional and provided various repair or replace options and up front pricing highly recommend
Mee Hee SmithMee Hee Smith
19:52 02 Mar 24
We had the water line to our house leaking. Called another company out and they quoted more than $2,000 without any labor charges. Cornwell came out and was extremely thorough, asked to look at the plumbing from within the house to check anything inside the house. Incredibly honest, thorough, and Extremely responsive. The work was done within a reasonable time.
Cindy CookCindy Cook
18:14 29 Feb 24
I am here in Indiana helping my sister after a stroke, she had 2 slow tubs, she made an apt for service the morning of Feb. 29 2024, The technician arrived earlier than her appointment, was very friendly, put on protective gear on his feet, analyzed her situation very thoroughly, call the office for the appropriate charges with herAnd arranged for the owner to call with confirmation on those charges, she got a wonderful phone call in Regards to her charges, and the kindest thing ever occurred. They calmed her entire bill because of her situation class act!!! If cornmeal plumbing was in Colorado, I would be definitely using them, if you live in Indiana which you know you do we highly recommend Cornwell plumbing!!
Terri GunnTerri Gunn
18:04 20 Feb 24
We’ve been using Cornwell’s for a few years, and have never been disappointed. They are fairly priced and quick to respond. They always explain the issue, and present you with options. Most recently we had Carson out to put new faucets into a new bath vanity. He has been here before, and has always been very courteous and pleasant. He’s been taught well by his parents and his mentors. Stick with Cornwell’s if satisfaction is important.
Angela HillAngela Hill
15:43 06 Nov 23
Cornwell Plumbing recently took care of plumbing needs for our family. They were very professional, called ahead, arrived on time and completed the work in a timely manner. To top it off, they were neat and tidy, took care to put on shoe covers when coming in the house and left the area they worked in neat and clean. In addition, they took pictures and explained the repair to our family member who couldn't make it to the repair area. Top notch business, caring and professional employees. They really take care of their customers!